Why Choose Hengsu Composite Decking

WPC Decking is becoming a popular choice for most homes. While it may cost more, it’s still a better option because of many reasons.

Here are the advantages of Hengsu Composite WPC Decking Boards.

Requires low maintenance

WPC decking requires little or no maintenance at all because its capable of withstanding the effects of harsh natural elements. It can therefore maintain its beauty for a number of years. The case is different with traditional wood decks. Wood-plastic composite decks do not rot, warp, discolor, twist, fade, or attract bugs. Natural timber requires regular oiling and staining and this can prove to be costly. Composite decking doesn’t need regular painting, staining or sealing and it’s able to resist weathering, warping and damage by UV rays.

Provides more safety

Unlike other wood decking materials, WPC decking is splinter-free and slip resistant. These qualities make a home safe for kids and pets as it is safer to walk on bare-footed.


Of course traditional wood decking may be good-looking but the fact is that it won’t last for long. Harsh weather conditions during summer, spring and winter cause a lot of damage leaving them faded, rotten, splintered and warped. Wood-plastic composite decks undergo a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure consistent, little-maintenance and exceptional decking performance.

Easy to install

Wood-plastic composite decking is usually installed on a sub frame meaning it can be used to replace rotten timber without the need of replacing the frame. Besides, the below surface fixings make installation of composite deck boards absolutely fast and easy.


Most WPC decking materials are made from recycled materials including reclaimed hardwood and plastics. This greatly reduces the amount of plastic landfills.

Why not use exterior wpc wall cladding to decorate your house?

Our exterior wpc wall cladding boards are perfect for any commercial, domestic, new build or refurbishment cladding project as a color-stable alternative to traditional timber cladding.

Made from a combination of recycled wood and plastic, composite cladding gives a contemporary looking low maintenance option that will dramatically change the look of any building. It will protect your building and last for many years in all weather conditions.


  • Looks and feels like natural wood but less timber problems;
  • 100% recycle, eco-friendly, saving forest resources;
  • Moisture, Water resistant, less rotten, proven under salt water condition;
  • Barefoot friendly, anti-slip, less cracking, less warping;
  • Requires no painting, no glue, low maintenance;
  • Weather resistant, suitable from minus 40 to 60°c;
  • Easy to install and clean, low labor cost.

 Size: 180x10mm, 150x16mm, 150x20mm, 100x16mm



  • Is exterior wpc wall cladding environmentally friendly?

Yes. Because WPC will not splinter, warp or fade, it dramatically reduces the wasteful cycle of repair and replacement and eliminates the frequent application of environmentally harmful paint, sealers and stains.

  • Will exterior wpc wall cladding fade in color?

Most materials exposed to UV and other weathering effects will fade. WPC wall cladding solutions are blended with high quality raw material and UV-inhibiting pigments to minimize fade and produce products consistent in color. All products will fade evenly.

  • What are the main wpc wall cladding installation accessories?

Keel, stainless steel plate, nails, expansion screw, edge skirting.

  • Is there cheap shipping cost to import to our country?

For small order, express will be best. And for bulk order, sea ship way is best but take much time. For urgent orders, we suggest via air to airport plus our ship partner send to your door.

  • Does Exterior wpc wall cladding have a warranty?

Yes! There is a 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty, 10-Year Limited Commercial Warranty, 25-Year Limited Stain Warranty.

Why should we use composite decking?

Our Wood Plastic Composite Decking Boards are made from wood fibers and recycled polyethylene, bonding agent, additives and tint.

There is no need to paint, seal, stain or waterproof, and is ideal to use wherever durability and weather resistance are required, as it is eco-friendly and long-lasting.

The decking is very hard wearing, does not absorb water, attract mould or fade in color, and will not rot, splinter, split or warp, and it’s easy to clean and maintain.

We offer two types of board – hollow or solid core construction.

Size: 140x25mm, 145x25mm, 150x25mm, 150x25mm


wpc timber tuber


  • Why should I use composite decking?

Our wpc decking has a long lasting life with a minimum of care and maintenance. It is a composite material of recycled wood fiber, LDPE and HDPE plastic and rice husk flour, but with no preservative chemicals to worry about, and no splinters that can cause painful slivers.

  • How do I clean it?

You can clean your wpc deck occasionally with a detergent or deck cleaner, a brush, and a hose to keep it looking fresh. Power washers can be harmful and only used with care.

  • How can I cut and nail it?

WPC decking cuts just like wood with a normal tool such as a skill saw, and will accept nails or screws similarly to wood. The nails or screws should be applied at the thick support areas to ensure full contact and holding power.

  • How long will my deck last?

Your wpc deck will last many years depending, of course, on how much you use it. It has a 15 years limited warranty but since there is no decay or loss of structural integrity on this product, we believe it will last well beyond the time.

  • Can I paint my deck in the future if I want to change the color?

We do not recommend painting your wpc deck because you will then face the same maintenance issues that you have with natural wood decks. Once painted, you need to continue the up-keep. Hengsu composite decking is impregnated with a dye which will last the life of the deck.


Exterior WPC Timber Tube for pergola


Eco-friendly environmental, no expansion, no deformation, with anti-aging, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti mildew, with natural texture and wood texture.


The timber tube can be used as ceiling, outdoor gallery, flower box, indoor partition, etc.

Size: 50x25mm, 50x50mm, 70x20mm, 90x35mm, 90x50mm, 100x100mm, 100x50mm, 135x135mm, 150x50mm



Why should I use wpc timber tube?

Our wpc timber tube has a long lasting life with a minimum of care and maintenance. It is a composite material of recycled wood fiber, LDPE and HDPE plastic and rice husk flour, but with no preservative chemicals to worry about, and no splinters that can cause painful slivers.

Can you stick the label with our logo on the boards?

Yes, we can stick the customized label on the board after you provide the label drawing.

What’s the delivery time ?

5 working days for sample; 30 days for 20GP/40GP/40HQ container.

What is the composite hollow decking?

Composite Hollow Decking is, simply stated, plastic. Usually extruded, sometimes reinforced with glass fibers, carbon fiber, or even… wood. When plastic composites came into the mainstream in the 1980s and 1990s, it was often plagued with problems – warped, ugly, broke easily, etc.

Fast forward to now. Most of the problems of the past have been solved. Composite Decking is almost always more expensive than wood. It can also be made to look so much like wood, you’d have a hard time telling a composite deck from a high quality wooden deck.

Composite decking never needs painted (but can be painted), never rots, is stronger than wood, and will probably last longer than the best wooden equivalent.

How to install wpc flooring

WPC flooring can be installed easily. Our step-by-step guide explains how to install flooring.  

Benefits of using hengsu wpc wall panel

Natural Wood Appearance
Termite Proof, fireproof
30 Years Warranty
No painting, no glue and low maintaineance
Can be shaved, nailed, drilled and cut to fit accessories of different specifications.
UV resistance, fade resistance and durable
Anti-crack and warp

Wood Plastic Composite Pergola

Hengsu wood plastic composite pergola combines wood and plastic using state-of-the-art technology to create composite pergola that are highly durable, resistant to cracking, rotting, and low maintenance costs.

What Is The Composite Wood

Wood plastic composite is a kind of new materials, has attracted more and more attention now. In the usual sense, an acronym for WPC represents quite a wide range of composite materials, the materials is made of pure or recycled plastic and made of natural fiber packing, the plastic can be high density polyethylene(HDPE), polypropylene(PP), polystyrene(PS) and polyvinyl chloride(PVC), etc. All kinds of plastic, while natural fibers including the sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo shavings, rice husk, straw, soybean husk, peanut shell, bagasse, cotton stalk low biomass, such as fiber. Typically, wood plastic composite material referred to as “wood plastic composite”, also known as the WPC, also known as the “eco wood”.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Composite Decking

As we all know the wood decking for swimming pool is easy rot and crack, and you need lots of time and money to maintenance and clean it. To use the composite decking board can solve this problem, due to composite decking board with affordable price and durable features make it very popular in the market.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Composite Decking  Advantages

Hengsu is a manufacturing for composite decking in china, with more than 8 years full experience and a professional sales team. if you buy our composite decking you will enjoy :

  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-radioactive pollution.
  • Durable, anti-slip, waterproof, long life.
  • With superior abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance.
  • A variety of colors can be option, natural and realistic, any assembled color styling, offer outstanding personality design.
  • High security, insulation, fire retardant, corrosion and acid proof.
  • Reduce your maintenance and repair expense.

Traditional Wood Decking vs WPC Outdoor Decking

WPC Outdoor Decking:

  • You will save a lot of time and money from on going maintenance.
  • You will not need to add lacquer or other coating to the WPC Decking.
  • To remove any stains, all you need to use is a mild sanding paper.
  • Unlike timber outdoor decking, WPC do not have high tannin content and there is no need to scrub oil off.
  • With the clip system of the WPC decking, there will be no exposed nails on the top surface. You will not require to punch or putty the nails prior to sanding.
  • Since the WPC decking is a prefinished product, you will not require to sand the deck to remove any unevenness.
  • Unlike timber outdoor decking, you will not be required to recoat every 6 to 12 months.
  • With a WPC Outdoor decking, you will save time and money.